Graven Hill Project 1

By [email protected] LLP

The client held a lifelong desire to design and build his own home. When he and wife saw the ideal plot at Graven Hill nr Bicester, they knew it was the perfect place to fulfil the dream.

Graven Hill is the largest custom build site in the UK and the client’s self build story was followed by Kevin McCloud for Channel 4’s Grand Designs, The Street.

The Brief

Not able to buy a home that suited Sue’s disabilities, the couple set about designing their own. They wanted a lifetime home that gave the client flexibility and freedom, was wheelchair friendly and ultimately aided her mobility and improved her quality of life. They also wanted a home that was aesthetically pleasing and was not obviously built with disability in mind.

To make the most of the views from the desirable corner plot, the living room is on the second floor and provides – ‘upside down living’. The house was designed with lots of high performance glazing that is vital for the couple to connect with the landscape and whilst also providing lots of natural light.

Everything needed to be on a level to provide easy access for Sue’s wheelchair. The design also incorporated a lift to access the upper levels of the house.